The gridless Saintech ion sources imply a number of patented innovations, which allow efficient operation with very high ion yield and minimal physical dimensions.

Saintech/Telemark currently offer four different sources with the following common features:

  • an intensive water cooling with permanent control allows a compact design 

  • patented design of the anode with a special surface treatment; the formation of isolating layers is minimized, the amount of necessary maintenance also

  • special, patented gas inlet through the anode wall generates a reduced gas ballast in the vacuum chamber

  • long time operation with Oxygen is possible, a change to Argon for instance can be performed without hardware modifications in seconds

  • a power suply with adjustable touchscreen makes the operation of the source very easy. Different modes can be adjusted like continous mode, pulsed mode, mixture of two gases, substrate cleaning, purging of gaslines and storage of process recipes in the unit



  • broad ion beam with high uniformity

  • stabilisation of the source 3 seconds after start

  • the option of a second filament enables the immediate switch over  in case of a damage to the first filament. Typically a filament can be operated in pure Oxygen for 12 hours and more



  • pulsed operation for ion assisted deposition of radiation sensitive materials like  MgF2 and LaF2

  • the gas purge routine  terminated after a programmable time or when the gasflow is less than <1% of the original value




Specifications of Saintech Ionensources
  Mini Gun XIAD ST55 ST3000
dimensions, weight* 50x60mm 60x60mm 75x70mm 115X80mm
  0,5kg 1,2kg 1,4kg 4kg
max. anode voltage 225V 225V 225V 300V
max. anode current** 4A 5A 7A 12A
beam angle >60° >80° >80° >80°
Typical gasflow 3sccm @1A 6sccm @2A 8sccm @2A 12sccm @4A
min.cooling water 1,5l/min 2l/min 2,5l/min 4l/min
weight of power supply 20kg 28kg 30kg 35kg
LxWxH (mm) 460x430x175   460x430x175   460x430x175   520x435x175
voltage 208-250VAC 208-250VAC 208-250VAC 208-250VAC
  50/60Hz, 10A 50/60HZ, 10A 50/60Hz, 10A 50/60Hz, 15A
bakeability up to 300°C approx. 100°C approx.100°C approx. 100°C

*  diameter x Length of source body

**the real total ion current is smaller. The smallest source, the mini gun, reaches an ion current density of 200uA/cm² in 150mm distance, which results in a total ion current at the substrate of 0,5A (beam angle  80°).

All Saintech sources are delivered with all necessary hardware for mounting, with  very fast reacting water flow switch and mass flow controllers. As an option an additional mass flow controller can be ordered for controlling a mixture of two gases or pulsed operation with two gases. Another option is the second filament which automatically is switched on, when the first filament fails.

Ion Current Monitor

A further accessory for the ion sources is the patented Saintech ion current monitor. This unit is placed at the edge of the ion beam and measures the ion current density in situ.  It features three different measuring ranges and can therefore be used with all ion sources.




The ion current density reading can be taken fom the monitor itsself in units of uA/cm² or mA/cm², an additional bar graph is exisiting.

When an optional cable between the monitor and the power supply is connected, the ion current density reading can be taken from the display of the power supply. An adustable bias voltage avoids any influence from negative charged particles (mainly electrons) to the measurement.

The sensor head is very compact and is installed into the system similar to a quartz sensor head. A sensor head feedthrough is available as an option.




Further information, technical documents and brochures can be downloaded here.

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