Model 211 und 272
Telemark electron beam source model 211 and 272


Modell 211 and UHV-Version 218

Small and compact, pocket volume up to 15cm³

  • maximum power is 6kW (depending on material), High Voltage range from -6kV to -10kV

  • Compact design for integration into small R&D chambers

  • HV version 211 allows an easy exchange of the pocket, model 218 has the same gun body but the pocket is brazed into the body and can not be exchanged, all seals are made from metal.

  • The deflection coil is built into a stainless steel housing.



Model 272 and UHV-Version 258 

High power for production applications

  • pocket size up to 100cm³ for long evaporation cycles without opening the chamber.

  • maximum power is 14kW (depending on material) at -10kV

  • very high evaporation rates are possible for instance for Aluminum. The e-gun is therefore ideal for evaporation of thick layers (1um or more)

  • another ideal application is the evaporation of big amounts of dielectric material at low power levels.

Selection guide
HV e-guns HV e-guns UHV e-guns UHV e-guns pocket volume
Model 211 Model 272 Model 218 Model 258  
211-05   218-05   1,5cm³
211-04   218-04   4cm³
211-07 272-01 218-07 258-01 7cm³
211-15 272-02 218-15 258-02 15cm³
  272-03   258-03 25cm³
  272-30   258-30 30cm³
  272-04   258-04 40cm³
  272-05   258-05 100cm³

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