Linear UHV Electron beam sources 575 / 578

  • mounted with all  feedthroughs on a DN 200CF flange (bigger flanges optionally available)

  • automatic indexer as option

  • operation down to 10-11 mbar possible

  • maximum frequency of the  X-Y- sweep coils is 75Hz

  • robust construction, proven in many installations

  • simple operation and maintenance

  • basic deflection of the beam by permanent magnet, a failure of the sweep module has therefore no severe conseqences (beam stays in the pocket)

  • long life filament, 270° beam deflection

  • simple removing of the filament block by losing of one mounting screw

Electron beam source model 575/578


The new Telemark UHV Electron Beam Evaporator models 575/578 are ideal for applications in R&D but also for production systems.

The compact design and the possibility to integrate up to five pockets with 15cm³ or up to 4 pockets with 40cm³ volume and a maximum power of 10kW (depending on material and pocket size), makes it the most versatile UHV multi-pocket e-beam evaporator on the market.

The e-beam evaporator features -like all Telemark e-beam evaporators a proven design which has made Telemark the worldwide leading manufacturer of electron beam evaporators.

Specifications   Models  
Beam deflection 270° 5 pockets 4cm³ each 575-01
Max. power 8/10kW 4 pockets 7cm³ each 575-02
Max. high voltage -10kV 3 pockets 15cm³ each 575-03
Emission current 0-0.8/1A @-10kV 7 pockets 4cm³ each 575-04
Cooling water 6l/min 6 pockets 7cm³ each 575-05
Max. baking temperature 2200C 4 pockets 15cm³ each     575-06
Distance flange to center of active pocket   9 pockets 4cm³ each 575-07
575-01, 575-02, 575-03 279,4mm (11“) 7 pockets 7cm³ each 575-08
All other models 355,6mm (14,5“) 5 pockets 15cm³ each 575-09
    2 pockets 40cm³ each 578-01
    3 pockets 25cm³ each 578-02
    4 pockets 40cm³ each 578-03
    4 pockets 25cm³ each 578-04

Custom designs like a special flange (DN 200CF is minimum size) or a modified distance between the sealing surface of the flange and the center of the active pocket, shutter with actuator, cold roof, electric indexer, etc. are available on request.

If a flange DN 160CF is required, the earlier model 568 can still be delivered. Please contact us in this case for a quotation.

A brochure about our current UHV sources can be downloaded here.


Model 508


  • simple design, very attractive price

  • Vacuum brazed water lines allow operation down to 10-11 mbar

  • 1,5cm³ pocket volume, a sweep is not necessary, therefore the gun has no deflection coils

  • 270° beam deflection with permanent magnet

  • bakable up to 250°C

Specifications                      Models  
Beam deflection 270°   Single pocket 508 508-01
Max. power 3kW   Single pocket 508 on DN 40CF 508-02
High voltage -5kV      
Emission current up to 600mA @-5kV      


UHV electron beam source 508 on flange


UHV electron beam source 508 on flange


UHV electron beam source 508 on flange DN63CF designed like an Effusioncell

This special electron beam source can easily be installed like an effusioncell from the outside of the chamber into a DN 63CF port, even overhead, if a subliming material is to be evaporated. In this case the slug can be held in place by a special fixture.





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