PST GmbH offes you more than high quality components for Evaporation- and Sputter-Systems. We consult you before and after the sales. We are your consulting partner for refurbishment of old vacuum systems and the design of new systems. We help you integrating components of our partners in existing or planned vacuum sytems.


Our knowledge about our products does not only help in the planning phase. It is an important factor for the service of the system. We can easier analyse and repair defects or organize spare parts on the short term if we integrated in the system design from the very beginning.


PST can help you in most cases with answers and spare parts.



With our partners Telemark and Angsrtom Sciences we offer a full range of Service, Sales and Process Consulting. We are your reliable partner for E Beam Evaporators, Cryotechnology, Ion Sources and Magnetron Sputtering Technology.



Telemark PVD Equipment

Telemark PVD Equipment

Telemark is a privately-owned Corporation, which entered the evaporation components business in March, 1990. The product range has since expanded to include water vapor cryotraps, quartz crystal deposition controllers, optical instrumentation, and magnetic fluid feedthrus. More recently, Telemark has forged a partnership with Saintech Pty Limited to offer innovative Ion Beam Sources. Products are manufactured at factories in Battle Ground, Washington, USA.


Angstrom Sciences Magnetron Sputter Technology

Angstrom Sciences Magnetron Sputter Equipment

Magnetron sputtering technology has been utilized in production applications for several decades. The basic technology used to control process plasma within the deposition process is well established within the field; however the capabilities available to optimize process efficiencies, such as thin film uniformity, target utilization, and deposition rate, are continuously evolving.

Angstrom Sciences is focused upon the development of magnetron sputtering cathodes that optimize sputter process performance. The Angstrom Advantage™ is the collective set of technical and structural advancements Angstrom Sciences has designed into its magnetrons in order to provide its clients with the most control over their thin film deposition process.

Angstrom Sciences strives for all our customers to have complete satisfaction with our products. We offer a 2-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials on all our magnetrons, which is the longest in the industry. We offer unlimited post-sale support to all our customers. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge not only on magnetrons, but the processes they are used in. We feel it is important to share this knowledge with our customers, so that they are successful. We feel that our continued success is driven by that of our customers.

In-House Machining & ManufacturingWe use only the highest qualtity materials, design and manufacturing techniques in order to provide the best possible product. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities along with a full-scale R&D and test lab give us the ability to fully control design development, manufacturing, and pre-shipment testing for on-time deliveries.